Why to use Organic Products?


Advantages of Vaidk India Organic Products :

  • Products of Vaidik India Organic are organic herbal products.
  • Products are non toxic in nature
  • Products are made from medicinal herbal extracts and oil.
  • Products are safe for mankind, animals, birds, soil microbes, ecosystem and environment.
  • Products do not harm the agents that are not harmful to plants and crops like honey bees, pollinating bees and insects, spiders, frogs, etc.
  • Products also do not harm such insects and animals that are beneficial and predators that feed on target insects and worms.
  • Longer use of chemical pesticides creates resistance in pests towards chemical pesticides. To get rid of pests more pesticides are used. More pesticide means more money. But the effect of our organic products lasts longer thus reducing the costs.
  • Chemical pesticides increase air pollution and water pollution, Soil is also polluted and essential nutrients are reduced. The excess chemical pesticides are killing animals, birds, and fishes. It has adverse effects on the ecosystem. But all our organic products are eco-friendly in nature, non-toxic and do not disturb the balance of eco-system.
  • Products are biodegradable and have no residual effects on plant or soil.
  • Makes easy to transport green vegetables and flowers with its freshness and natural glow without decay and bad odour.
  • Prophylactics use prevents crop for longer time from pest and disease infection.
  • No need to mix any chemical pesticides in our products so it is superior quality and ecofriendly.
  • Our products not only control the pest and diseases but also have proven to be a food and nutritional supplement to overcome pest damage and ultimately increase the yield.


  • Enhances root growth and increases absorption capacity of nutrients from soil.
  • Increase shoots and branches by increasing plants vigur, vitality and health.
  • Improves plant health and resistance capacity for a longer duration against infection of pests and diseases.
  • Saves plant from weather effect and prevents flower from dropping.
  • More flowers more yield.
  • Regular spray at twenty day interval leads to maximum crop yield.



Striving to maximize orgnic nutrients to plants in the form of organic fertilizers.

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