Bugol controls pest of Mealybug, ophids, jacids.



Advantages of Bugol Organic Herbal Pest Controler

1) Natural Organic Product

2) Non toxic in nature.

3) Controls pests of Mealybug, ophids, jacids and others.

4) Very effective results on the targets.

5) Suitable for all food crops

6) Suitable for all cash crops

7) Suitable for all flowering plants

8) Suitable for all kinds of vegetables

9) Affordable and cheap Organic product.

10) Can be infused through spray pumps, sprinklers, drip irrigation or tradational canal water system.

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Bugol Organic Herbal Pest Controller

(Herbal Substitute for chemical pesticides)
Suitable to control Pest of Mealybug, ophids, jacids particularly for crops like cotton, papaya, jasood, guava, tomato, mustard, banana and many more.
Jatan Herbal Organic

Method of Use :

  • Shake well the bottle of Bugol Organic Herbal at the time of application.
  • Take about 60 ml of Bugol Organic Herbal and pour it in 15 liters of water (1 pump).
  • Maximum of 100 ml can be added per 15 liters.
  • When mealybugs are seen initially, then spray Bugol immediately to prevent further growth of the target.
  • The second spray can be done in about 4-5 days gap period after the first spray.
  • Generally if Buosol Organic Herbal is sprayed in evening, better results are obtained.
  • No need to mix any chemical pesticide in biosol.
  • Suitable for all the crops like cotton, papaya, jasood, guava, tomato, mustard, banana, all vegetable plants, flowering plants and all horticultural crops.
  • Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter pack.
Product #: Bugol Organic Crop Pest Controller
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1 Liter Price : Rs 1200
500 Ml Price: Rs 610

250 Ml Price: Rs 315
Available from: Vaidik India Organic
options: Courier / Post facility available.
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Product Description of Bugil Organic Herbal

  • Bugol is a formulation of natural plant extracts and oil, safe to use and environment friendly. Bugol is specially prepared to control mealy bug.
  • At the time of appearance of mealy bug, spray of Bugol on all affected plant is most advisable.
  • Bugol spreads in whole plant.
  • When mealy bug comes in contact of Bugol, its cuticle gets broken and Bugol enters the body of the bug.
  • Due to this the pest loses its feeding ability and is then starved to death.
  • Bugol controls aphids, and other all other sucking pest. No need to mix any chemical pesticide in Bugol. Cohon, papaya, jasood, guava, tomato, musturd and all other crops which suffer from mealy bug can be controlled by Bugol. Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1 liter pack 

How to obtain Best Results?

  • To obtain best results of Jatan Organic Herbal for vegetables like Brinjal, Chilies, Onion, tomatos, potatoes, lady finger, Okra, Haldi / Turmeric, etc, follow the schedule.
  • In the first 15 to 20 days of plantation, spray Jatan Plant Organic Herbal alongwith Biosol Plant pest control Herbal
  • Mix both the organics in equal quantities. Say about 15 ml of each organic per 15 liter of water.
  • This will boost the growth of plants and control the pests like aphids, thrips, mites, leafminor, sucking type of pest and so on.
  • Then in the next 15 to 20 days period, spray Jatan Plant Organic Herbal alongwith Termitol Organic Herbal Termit controller in soil.
  • Mix both the organics in equal quantities. Say about 15 ml of each organic per 15 liter of water or as per the intensity of the targets. if any.
  • This will help to control termites in the soil and protect the roots from the dangerous termites. Thus helping plants to grow even more better and faster.
  • Ensure that this liquid reaches the soil and is observed by the roots.
  • For better results, make sprays near the areas of the soil and adjoining the roots.
  • Even if the mixture is sprayed on the leaves, stem and branches, the plants obsorb the mixture and transport it to the roots through its internal transportaion system.
  • Further in the next 15 to 20 days, spray Jatan Plant Organic Herbal alongwith Bugol Organic Herbal Pest controller.
  • This can also be mixed in the same quantites, say about 15 ml of each herbal organic per 15 liter of water.
  • This mixture helps the plants to grow, improve nutrient carrying capacity in the plants and avoid or kill the bugs like Mealybug.
  • Mealy bug is commonly seen on many vegetables and during flowering process.
  • These bugs suck the nutrioents of the plants and hamper the growth of the plants.
  • It improves plant health and resistance capacity for a longer duration against infection of pests and diseases.
  • It saves plant from weather effect and prevents flowers from dropping.
  • More flowers more yield.
  • Regular spray at twenty day interval leads to maximum crop yield.
  • It has no side effect on any crop, flowering plants and other crops.
  • It can be used with other our products for more specific effects.

About Bugol

Bugol is an organic plant pest controller
It is prepared from the natural extracts and oils of plants
It It is used to control & prevent the spread of mealy bugs
It can be ordered online or over the telephone
It is availabe in 100ml; 250 ml, 500ml &1 liter packs


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